Location: Chico, California

“Development is easy: Delivery is hard”

The world of application development is undergoing rapid changes. First – engineering isn’t just about software anymore – software, infrastructure, services, tests, data – they all must work together to provide a valuable service to the end customer. Developers are expected to build quality into the system as opposed to gluing it on after it’s released. In the near future, software will be implemented into continuous delivery pipelines and developers will have unlimited access to production-like environments where they can automate every aspect of verification before releasing.

Liatrio is a DevOps transformation, Development and Delivery Automation firm that specializes in working with large enterprises that desperately need help in improving their overall development practices, delivery speed and ability to react to changes in the market faster.

We lead with consulting, and back it up with working solutions.

DevOps Engineers at Liatrio are hands on the keyboard automation and tooling experts who create and implement solutions for companies that will help them realize huge value in their day to day development and delivery activities. They work in small teams with autonomy and collaborate internally and externally to solve problems that enterprises cannot by themselves.

As interns joining Liatrio’s engineering team, you will have a ringside role in real life challenges but with a lens of a mentor/guide who will help you learn, practice and succeed. Imagine having the ability to work on real projects at a customer 20-40hrs a week and at the time of graduation having the skills and the experience to embark on a career in DevOps, Tools & Automation.  You will work on our active clients in the various markets in the country, provide development and automation support to our engineers in the field and also work on uplifting your skills on the various DevOps tools, frameworks etc.

Who are you – what are we looking for?

  • You are studying towards your degree in a field that involves computer science, computer engineering or similar technical study – or you may even have finished your education recently and are looking for your first employment.
  • Maybe you need an internship as part of your education – It’s likely we have a challenging assignment for you.
  • You are ambitious.
  • You like to develop software, you are probably even doing it in your spare time.
  • You are curious and always want to learn more.
  • You’ve probably heard of Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code – and you’ve decided that this is the field where you want to build yourself a career.

Please contact us with

  • Copy of your Resume/CV
  • Overview of your journey in life so far and why you think Liatrio is all you
  • Links to your GitHub profile or open source projects you’ve been a part of and would like to share