Every company is a software company.

About Us

As software drives most customer experiences today, businesses are constantly building and updating their applications to meet customer expectations. To do this successfully, many businesses are adopting DevOps, an approach that unites development and IT operations teams to automate development and deployment. The result? Continuous and successful software releases that deliver value to the customer.

Liatrio is a DevOps transformation team that helps you re-engineer how value for the customer is delivered from conception to deployment. We bring the tools and experience to execute on DevOps core practices – including automation, sharing, and feedback – underpinned by a collaborative culture. By bringing you proven tools and processes and fostering a culture of shared responsibilities, we unite your entire technology organization to become a high-performing team. The outcome is an organization that can move quickly to anticipate customer needs and adopt rapidly changing technologies.

What We Offer

DevOps Transformation

Through coaching and training, we help cross-functional teams understand and visualize themselves operating in a DevOps culture. We then empower teams to experiment and create an organization of not only continuous integration and delivery but also continuous improvement.

Individuals and teams are brought out of their silos. They become aligned with business goals and a shared responsibility to develop and deploy quality solutions quickly.

Pipeline Uplift and Automation Solutions

While helping you evolve your cultural norms towards DevOps standards, we also introduce new tools and processes to build a continuous delivery pipeline that builds quality into every release. We employ tools that automate the end-to-end processes from development to deployment, improving feedback loops and freeing your teams from time-consuming manual tasks.

You release frequently with confidence because your development, test and production environments are automated, standardized and consistent.

DevOps as a Service

We empower your entire technology team to bring it all together – the software, infrastructure, services, tests, and metrics – to provide value to the business. As we partner with your team to create consistent processes and tools to build, test and deploy, DevOps becomes a repeatable process for delivering business value, with a feedback loop in place for continuous improvement.

Your business can respond to rapidly changing customer demand and technologies because your entire technology team is well positioned to develop and deploy quickly in a repeatable and reliable way.

Who We Are

Our team is led by technology veterans with expertise in applying results-driven software development and change management methodologies.


We’re boots on the ground change agents

We have a successful record of partnering with leaders and their teams to build a unified, high-performing technology organization underpinned by a culture of trust, teamwork and shared responsibility. While coaching you and your team to evolve the culture, we also are in the trenches with them to develop and deploy.


We specialize in serving large, complex enterprises

We have partnered with large, siloed organizations that have enormous development teams regularly more than 500 engineers. We know how to implement solutions in complex environments that contain more than an application server, http server and database. It is routine for us to work within ecosystems that have a patchwork of hundreds of independent components and dozens of technologies.



We bring you our deep experience to evolve your:

Your organization’s culture is the primary prerequisite for building a high-performing technology team underlined by greater cooperation between the development and deployment teams.

We share proven tools that enable work to be performed in a structured, repeatable and consistent manner, removing ambiguity and enforcing a delivery pipeline through which work can be automated and measured.

We embed processes to enable the framework in which work can be done in repeatable and consistent ways with software delivery and quality as the primary drivers.